For our recipe theres just a short prep time and after a few hours of waiting youll have the perfect applesauce made to sit your taste mdash sweetened or unsweetened coarse or smooth spiced or plain the end product can be frozen or water bath canned for long term storage.

Step by step directions step 1 ndash add the canned pumpkin to the slow cooker add the brown sugar apple juice and spices stir mdash cover and cook on low for 4 hours or high for 2 hours step 2 ndash let cool for an hour before spooning into jars leave an inch of room at the top of jars if you will freeze mdash place in the fridge or freeze.

This recipe is so easy and tastes just like the ones from starbucks it rsquo s made in the slow cooker which means you can make a large batch for a party this year starbucks has a pumpkin cream cold brew which you must try though for a chilly fall day i love a warm latte want a non coffee pumpkin drink try my slow cooker pumpkin hot chocolate.

Slow cooked applesauce my sweet and chunky applesauce is a perfect snack or side dish with your favorite entree because its prepared in the slow cooker you can fix it and forget it before you and the family head out for some fun mdash susanne wasson montgomery new york.

Our best fall slow cooker recipes are perfect for warming yourself up on a cool autumn night this collection of recipes offers delicious comfort food favorites like pumpkin bread yes from your slow cooker and spiced chili plus healthy slow cooker recipes and global dishes featuring classic autumn flavors these fall slow cooker meals and recipes are sure to soothe the soul.

Spiced pear butter a touch of cinnamon spicebush ginger allspice or cloves can go nicely with pear butter but ground spices can turn bitter during the long cooking time in the slow cooker instead wrap whole spices into a small cheesecloth bundle and add it to the pears and other ingredients.

Try this easy slow cooker apple crisp with oatmeal when you need a quick delectable hands off dessert recipe your kitchen will be filled with the most amazing aroma while it rsquo s cooking and the slow cooker does all the work crock pot apple crisp has all the flavors of apple pie without all the work the tender cinnamon spiced apples topped with an oatmeal crumble is delicious served with.

Slow cooker apple pudding cake has a sweet soft cinnamon infused cake with chunks of apples throughout then a luscious warm sauce forms underneath as the cake cooks in the slow cooker become a better cook in 4 days.

Slow cooker cinnamon applesauce tender chunks of chicken breast slow cooked in a rich creamy mildly spiced sauce slow cooker butter chicken curry is hellip.

Last week i made something easy that anyone can make especially if you have a slow cooker for this recipe you use already prepared store bought applesauce as i made sweet spiced apple butter i turned the music up in my house added the ingredients into the slow cooker and cooked this recipe all day long.

How to make applesauce cake heat oven prepare baking dish preheat oven to 350 degrees spray a 13 by 9 inch baking dish with non stick cooking spray whisk dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl whisk together flour baking soda baking powder salt cinnamon ginger nutmeg and allspice for 30 seconds make a well in the center and set aside.

The temperature of a slow cooker set to high is about 300 degrees so you could just follow the same process placing the apple butter in a heavy bottomed pot in your oven setting it to 300 degrees cover the pot for the first 8 hours stirring it every hour or so then cook it for a couple of hours uncovered to reduce it to a thick apple butter.

Method 2 slow cook more use the slow cook more function with the lid off instant pot press cancel and click slow cook button once and click on adjust button to get to the slow cook more function to thicken the applesauce mixture until desired consistency color cooking time roughly 4 ndash 8 hours.

Whether youre looking for a new go to apple pie recipe are ready to make an apple tart or fancy some fritters weve got the recipes you need youll find more than just sweet options ahead though mdash there are plenty of savory apple recipes too like crisp salads and apple based beverages.

Spiced sweet potato bundt cake ndash the perfect fall dessert super simple to make from scratch and everyone loves it even our sweet potato haters eggs applesauce sweet potato baby food pumpkin pie spice cloves flour and baking powder top the cake with a quick maple glaze made from powdered sugar maple syrup and cinnamon.

Free daily recipes tasty fitness recipe sous vide salmon in 15 minutes fitness recipe sous vide salmon ndash similarly adding some chopped scallions or celery to mashed potatoes can add a pleasant burst of texture and flavor perfect fitness recipe sous vide salmon formula and process is really a culmination of the little methods i ve realized over the past 7 years.

I first made these white whole wheat poppyseed buns for thanksgiving dinner while im an avid bread baker this was the first time i actually served bread fresh out of the oven for a dinner party while juggling a main course sides and all of the other things that go into preparing for company.

Next once everything is cooked you add the coconut milk the spices a touch of maple syrup yes maple syrup and salt the types of spices used in this butternut squash sweet potato carrot soup recipe in addition to the maple syrup the same blend used in my maple spiced almonds recipe may make you think you rsquo re going to end up with a soup that tastes more like dessert.

Great recipe i wanted banana bread but was out of bananas and i knew i had pumpkin in the pantry all the ingredients were already on hand which makes the recipe a keeper the spices were just right and it was an easy one bowl recipe it came out nice and moist i used real maple syrup and it turned out wonderful.

Coconut oil would work really well or you could replace the butter with more pumpkin or with applesauce laurie mdash september 29 2019 4 37 pm reply i made these choc chip pumpkin muffins today hellip followed the recipe and they did not come out great looks like they rsquo re slightly sunk in and moist in the middle but flavor seems ok.