Cmu sphinx works offline google speech recognition google cloud speech api wit ai microsoft azure speech microsoft bing voice recognition deprecated houndify api ibm speech to text snowboy hotword detection works offline quickstart pip install speechrecognition see the installing section for more details to quickly try it out.

Sincerely the sphinx 4 team in alph order evandro gouvea cmu developer and speech advisor peter gorniak mit developer philip kwok sun labs developer paul lamere sun labs design technical lead beth logan hp speech advisor pedro moreno google speech advisor bhiksha raj merl design lead mosur ravishankar cmu speech.

One paper accepted to interspeech 2021 about multi task progressive pretraining for speech translation achieving new sota results on must c benchmarks 11 papers to appear at acl 2021 6 long 4 findings and 1 system demo strong results in machine translation and speech hellip.