Select source tree go to sourcetree menu select preferences it will show accounts window then choose accounts here it will show list of your added accounts just click on add button from the bottom and add your new bitbucket account details it will list you account under accounts tab.

Same issue here recently installed sourcetree 3 0 8 on a fresh windows 10 left it open overnight and this morning i had 1 364 of those login popups waiting for me sourcetree was using an impressive 1 7 gb memory as well twice ive left sourcetree open overnight and both times my pc has been utterly bogged down by login boxes the next.

Sourcetree could not find password for user at devops link ive also tried using the pat as a username and still providing the account password with the same result as above what exactly is the procedure for connecting the two and what exactly is sourcetree expecting as an input for an azure devops account.


Sourcetree commit 2 3.

I did resolve that issue with removing origin and then add origin after that i was using tower and sourcetree tools in macosmojave after this all i was having issue like when i fetch from origin not an single tracked branch was updating status i just remove tracking of branches and then add tracking again after that its working fine.

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