Perdue limited edition thanksnuggets turkey breast nuggets 4 pieces 210 calories 8g total fat 1 5g sat fat 430mg sodium 18g carbs 1g fiber 4g sugars 16g protein mdash smartpoints value 6 these freezer aisle crispy nuggets are so unique.

Easy crispy breaded chicken breast melanie cooks pepper eggs dried bread crumbs salt oil chicken breasts parmesan herb breaded chicken breast hoagie perdue hoagie rolls red wine vinaigrette salad dressing sliced tomatoes and 7 more coconut oil boneless chicken breasts egg whites and 1 more guided.

A trendy air fryer makes chicken wings that are crispy and tender without all that frying grease this recipe requires only a few basic ingredients chicken wings salt and pepper garlic powder.

Chicken gravy green beans perdue encrusted southern style fried breaded chicken breast fillets crispy basil skinned chicken breast foster farms ground cloves orange juice water ground cumin ground black pepper and 12 more chicken breasts coconut milk basil peanut oil and 4 hellip.

These crispy chicken fingers are just the thing to delight everyone mdash even the cook don rsquo t forget the tasty easy dipping sauce this simple recipe for gluten free chicken and dumplings is so easy with make ahead biscuits and make ahead cream of chicken soup it rsquo s also amazing with leftover holiday ham or cubed turkey.

Two large chicken breasts are 6 points however if you use 16 oz of chicken breasts as stated in the recipe 1 lb it should actually be 16 points overall it was worth the 6 points ate it with ww spicy fries ndash a healthy version of my favorite mcd meal.

Perdue boneless chicken breasts the ten pound packages of chicken breasts are great to keep on hand when you need a bit more protein to round out your day but their convenience is far from the best aspect of this product a pound of this brand at costco is around 3.